Patient Alerts

Medication alerts sent to your computer, tablet, or mobile device.. Including the dosage and image for your medication.

Take Meds Now - Tracks Prescription & Medication Data

  • Do you or a family Member take Prescription Medications?
  • Have you ever missed taking your medication?
  • Does your physician know if your prescription is working?
  • Does a family member check on you to see if you are taking your medication?
  • Do you know that certain combinations of medicines may hurt more than help?

Link to your Doctor

Link your doctors to your Take Meds Now account so they can check on your progress.

Family and Friend Support

Provide view-only or administrative access of your Take Meds Now account to family, friends, and caregivers.

Take Meds Now - Benefits

  • Notifies, tracks and sends you images of the medication.
  • A personal dashboard allows you to see how well you are doing with taking your medications and link you to your physician and family members.
  • Our cloud base service supports you around the world.
When it comes to your personal health, you are not alone!

Take Meds Now is an advanced system that brings medical notifications to your mobile device. Our application ensures that you take your medications exactly as directed, by alerting you when it is time to take your medications. Our application includes an image of the medication, dosage, special reasons you are taking the medication and more. You can link your family, friends, caretakers, and physicians, so your entire support network can monitor and assist in your care.

Take Meds Now will empower you to take full control over your personal health!

Every year, there are over 600,000 emergency room visits and 125,000 deaths that are the result of improper prescription drug usage. Take Meds Now (TMN) is an advanced system that helps you leverage the everyday technology you use to ensure that you take your medications exactly as directed. Take Meds Now was selected by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, as the initial winner of its now annual Pinch Award for its Innovative approach to improving the Quality of Life of Seniors with messaging, notification and tracking of Prescription Medications.

Take Meds Now is designed to give you greater control of your personal healthcare and bring you and your doctor closer together.

TMN Features:

  • Images of the most popular medications are sent to your device.
  • Physicians detailed instructions provided.
  • Links user to family members and care givers for support.
  • Tracks your usage rate.
  • Reminders sent anywhere in the world.
  • Can be used with existing systems.
Take Meds Now can also offer detailed, aggregated analytics for your medical office or healthcare organization. Our powerful analytics and reporting engine can provide you with actionable, HIPAA compliant data so you can understand trends, improve product and service offerings, and create more targeted marketing and sales strategies.
Take Meds Now has a proprietary closed loop system that connects patients and doctors like never before. Patients gain greater control of their personal healthcare and doctors gain an unparalleled view of patient adherence.
Take Meds Now