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According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as high as 50% of all prescription medications will be improperly used, which leads to as many as 600,000 injuries and 125,000 deaths each year. The CDC considers this failure in patient adherence to be a full-blown epidemic. With access to the proper tools, many of these injuries and deaths can be easily avoided.

Take Meds Now is a cloud-based application that provides patients with detailed notifications when it is time to take their medication.

As a service, Take Meds Now is designed to reduce instances where:

  • Patients forget to take their medications
  • Patients forget which medication or dosage is needed at a specific time
  • Patients confuse one medication with another
  • Patients forget whether or not they have taken a dose
  • Patients accidentally double up on a dosage
Help your customers take better control of their personal healthcare
As a Healthcare Association, Take Meds Now can be leveraged as a powerful value-add service for your customers. Take Meds Now is designed to provide patients and their families with peace of mind; which is exactly what you want to offer your customers. Together, your organization and Take Meds Now can help your customers take more control over their personal health… improving your customer relationships and strengthening your overall service offerings.

Take Meds Now can also offer you with high level, aggregated statistics on the adherence data and prescription medication profiles of your customers. This unparalleled access to demographic data, such as age, location, sex, ethnicity, etc. can be invaluable in identifying and understanding prescription medication trends among your customer base. This HIPAA compliant data can be used to further shape and strengthen the products and services you provide to customers.

Below are several of the features and benefits of using Take Meds Now:

Feature Benefit
Aggregated patient behavior statistics Analyze trends in patient adherence behaviors based on age, ethnicity, sex, location, etc.
Aggregated prescription medication statistics Analyze trends on what medications are being prescribed in concert with other medications, or based on location, age, ethnic, location, etc.
Detailed dashboard reporting Easy to use, digestible dashboard reports for quick and accurate analysis
Complete HIPAA Compliance Take Meds Now complies with all HIPAA regulations
Take Meds Now