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More often than not, patients end up being their own worst enemy. Improper usage of prescription medications is rampant, and has led to a national health crisis, antibiotic resistant bugs, and unnecessary injuries and deaths. As high as 20% of prescriptions end up never being filled, and an estimated 50% are not taken properly and/or for the prescribed duration.

Each patient populations comes with its’ own unique struggles towards patient adherence.

  • Generally, patients can be forgetful and unintentionally miss doses
  • Younger patients may not fully understand the importance of uninterrupted drug therapies and chose not to take their prescriptions properly
  • Older patients may mix-up their medications, or accidentally double up on doses because they forgot if they had already taken their medications

Until now, there has not been a reliable, accurate methodology allowing physicians and caregivers to monitor and measure patient adherence. Take Meds now is designed to mitigate patient adherence problems, and provide physicians with direct access to patient adherence profiles. The data we collect will enable healthcare professionals to do in-depth analysis of patient adherence, identify problem patients, explore mitigation strategies, and do more targeted follow-ups.

Take Meds Now is a cloud-based application that sends automated medication reminders to patients, who then manually confirm if they have taken each individual dose. We then compile a detailed patient adherence history, so you can clearly identify which medications are taken and which are missed by each patient. When you plug into your patients, you gain powerful analytics tools that can identify behavioral patterns for individual, or across all, patients.

Below are several of the features and benefits of using Take Meds Now:

Feature Benefit
Connect with patients and view their adherence Detailed patient histories allow you to pinpoint who is taking their medications, and who isn’t
Individual patient adherence reporting Behavioral profiles for each patient allow for more targeted follow-ups and identification of what medications are truly ineffective, or ineffective due to improper usage
Cross-patient adherence reporting Aggregated adherence metrics that offer insight into usage trends and what factors effect patient adherence

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