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Take Meds Now

Take Meds Now is the most innovative medication adherence application available on the market. Developed by the Prescription Notification Group, this application is designed to combat a major health crisis that plagues the healthcare industry and affects millions of Americans on a daily basis: Prescription Medication Adherence.

Take Meds Now is a simple to use notification, messaging, and patient adherence monitoring application designed to help eliminate the most common causes of improper prescription drug usage:

  • Patients forgetting to take their medications
  • Patients forgetting which medication or dosage is needed at a specific time
  • Patients confusing one medication with another
  • Patients forgetting whether or not they have taken a dose
  • Patients accidentally doubling up on a dosage

This leads to a multitude of preventable injuries and deaths each year. It is our goal to help people take their medications correctly, and avoid the complications and adverse effects caused by failure to properly adhere to prescription medications.

Parallel to this problem, healthcare professionals are also unable to effectively monitor or measure patient adherence, leading to a profound lack of understanding of how adherence can be improved. Below are some facts about the tremendous size and impact of prescription medication usage in the U.S.

  • 46% of adults take at least 1 prescription drug
  • 11.5% of adults take at least 3 prescription drugs
  • 6.5% of adults take at least 4 prescription drugs
  • 23% of aged 18-24 are on at least 1 prescription drug
  • 46% of aged 55 and older are on at least 1 prescription drug
  • 12.6% of aged 65 and older are taking at least 4 prescription drugs
  • Americans take an average of 4 prescription medications each day
  • 16% of U.S. hospital admissions are related to adverse reactions to prescription drugs
  • As high as 20% of prescriptions are never filled
  • As high as 50% of prescriptions are taken improperly
  • Over 600,000 emergency room visits each year due to improper prescription drug usage
  • Over 125,000 deaths each year due to improper prescription drug usage

Take Meds Now is a unique and powerful solution to this crisis for both patients and healthcare professionals. The features included in our system have been optimized through numerous trials, allowing us to offer you the most robust medication notification system available on the market.

Patients who use Take Meds Now gain more control over their personal health. We provide patients with detailed medication notifications designed to eliminate the potential for missed or incorrectly taken doses. Below are some of the many features available to users:

Feature Benefit
Notifications based on when individual medications are scheduled to be taken Patients receive alerts whenever it is time to take a medication – so no dose ends up missed
Notifications contain medication name, dosage, and image Patients clearly see what medication they need to take – so there is no confusion about what medication to take
Notifications contain the reason the patient is taking the medication Patients can clearly identify why they are taking each medication – confirming the importance of each dose
Patients verify when a medication is taken Patients confirm they have taken each dose – clearly identifying which doses are taken and which are missed
Follow-up notifications at 5 minute intervals with multiple user controls Patients can set multiple follow-up alerts if a medication notification is missed – therefore doses aren’t missed if a patient isn’t near their device.
Comprehensive adherence history based on whether notifications are verified Patients can view exactly which medications they have taken or missed – eliminating the possibility of doubling up a dose if forgotten
Family and friend account access Patients can give account access to family and friends – offering complete peace of mind
Doctor account access Patients can loop in doctors – enabling more informed follow-ups and improved patient care

Our proprietary closed-loop system also bridges the communications gap between patients and healthcare professionals. Physicians and caregivers have direct, real-time access to patient adherence: providing them with valuable information on individual patients in order to do follow-ups, and across all patients to identify factors that may improve overall patient adherence.

Take Meds Now