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Patients are struggling to take their prescription medications correctly. Failure to adhere to prescribed drug therapies has reached a large enough scale that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) now considers it to be an epidemic. Considered to be a national health crisis, improper prescription drug usage leads to hundreds of thousands of avoidable injuries and deaths each year. There is an additional layer to this problem that, although not as high profile, is just as impactful… both short and long-term drug therapies are being needlessly abandoned because patients are not utilizing them correctly. This is actively costing the healthcare industry millions each year.

  • Over 4 billion prescriptions are written each year
  • The average American fills approximately 13 prescriptions each year
  • 46% of adults take at least 1 prescription
  • 23% of aged 18-24 are on at least 1 prescription drug
  • 46% of aged 55 and older are on at least 1 prescription drug
  • 12.6% of aged 65 and older are taking at least 4 prescription drugs
  • Americans take an average of 4 prescription medications each day
  • 16% of U.S. hospital admissions are related to adverse reactions to prescription drugs
  • As high as 20% of prescriptions are never filled
  • As high as 50% of prescriptions are taken improperly
  • Over 600,000 emergency room visits each year due to improper prescription drug usage
  • Over 125,000 deaths each year due to improper prescription drug usage

Although there are plenty of statistics available concerning improper usage of prescription medications and methodologies to track medication side effects and patient admittance due to injury, there is a profound lack of information and measurement for the corresponding issue of patient adherence. Take Meds Now is the first system available on the market that offers benefits to both the patient and the healthcare industry. Our automated medication notifications ensure that patients are taking their prescription medications properly and records a detailed patient adherence history. Our closed-loop system connects patients with their doctors, and allows doctors to gain an accurate view of patient adherence behaviors.

Take Meds Now is able to compile comprehensive, HIPAA compliant data surrounding patient adherence and prescription medication usage. Our service gathers data to create patient behavioral profiles, and our powerful analytics engine offers insight the factors that affect patient adherence – including the ability to identify when prescription drug therapies fail due to improper usage versus inefficacy or side effects. Take Meds Now also includes cutting edge analytical dashboards that identify trends based on demographic data, including age, ethnicity, sex, location, etc.

Take Meds Now offers powerful analytics on patient adherence and medication profiles.

Below are several of the features and benefits of using Take Meds Now:

Feature Benefit
Aggregated patient behavior statistics Analyze trends in patient adherence behaviors based on age, ethnicity, sex, location, etc.
Aggregated prescription medication statistics Analyze trends on what medications are being prescribed in concert with other medications, or based on location, age, ethnic, location, etc.
Detailed dashboard reporting Easy to use, digestible dashboard reports for quick and accurate analysis
Complete HIPAA Compliance Take Meds Now complies with all HIPAA regulations
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