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Pharmaceutical Companies

The Average American is on an increasing number of prescription medications. In fact, the average American will fill around 13 prescriptions a year… which is fueling the massive growth of the pharmaceutical industry. The U.S. comprises of 40% of the global pharmaceutical market, which is primed to reach a whopping $550 billion by 2020. With the vast majority of Americans being on at least 1 prescription medication a day, it is critical for a pharmaceutical company to have detailed analytics on the adherence behaviors and prescription profiles of its customers (and potential customers).

  • 46% of adults take at least 1 prescription drug
  • 11.5% of adults take at least 3 prescription drugs
  • 6.5% of adults take at least 4 prescription drugs
  • 23% of aged 18-24 are on at least 1 prescription drug
  • 46% of aged 55 and older are on at least 1 prescription drug
  • 12.6% of aged 65 and older are taking at least 4 prescription drugs
The Prescription Notification Group designed the Take Meds Now application in order to combat a growing national health epidemic: the improper usage of prescription medications. Using a proprietary closed-loop system, Take Meds Now connects patients and doctors in order to ensure that patients take their prescription medications correctly and provide doctors with patient adherence profiles. Our cloud-based application sends detailed medication alerts to any device (iOS or Android), including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets; and captures whether a patient is successful in taking their medications.

By providing this service to both patients and their doctors, we are able to offer more than just peace of mind to users, their families, and their physicians… we are able to compile a tremendous amount of aggregated data surrounding patient adherence and prescription medication usage. This data is invaluable to pharmaceutical organizations, as it can offer powerful analytics and deep insight into customer behaviors. We believe that the analytical services we offer to pharmaceutical companies can be used to continually improve healthcare in the U.S. Take Meds Now can provide your organization with unparalleled access to HIPAA compliant data, so you can identify market trends, gaps, and opportunities as well as improve your product and service offerings.

Take Meds Now can provide you with unparalleled access to data on patient adherence, medication usage, prescriptions, etc. that can help shape your products, services, marketing approach, and sales strategy.

Below are several of the features and benefits of using Take Meds Now:

Feature Benefit
Aggregated patient behavior statistics Analyze trends in patient adherence behaviors based on age, ethnicity, sex, location, etc.
Aggregated prescription medication statistics Analyze trends on what medications are being prescribed in concert with other medications, or based on location, age, ethnic, location, etc.
Detailed dashboard reporting Easy to use, digestible dashboard reports for quick and accurate analysis
Complete HIPAA Compliance Take Meds Now complies with all HIPAA regulations
Take Meds Now