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Apart from individual patients, hospitals and clinics may be the most effected by the problem of patient adherence. The epidemic that is improper usage of prescription drugs sends hundreds of thousands of patients to the hospital… placing a tremendous strain on hospital resources. This is compounded by the steep fines a hospital or clinic may face if a patient is re-admitted within a month for the same ailment they were previously treated and released for. Not only is this a further strain on available resources, it is incredibly frustrating if the re-admittance is due to non-compliance with prescribed therapies.

The Prescription Notification Group developed Take Meds Now to provide hospitals and clinics with a powerful system that reliably and accurately tracks and demonstrates actual patient adherence behaviors. Our cloud-based application sends automated medication reminders to patient computers and mobile devices (both iOS and Android), who must then manually confirm each dose as taken or the system records it as a miss. This creates a detailed patient adherence history that identifies improper usage and failure to comply with short and long-term prescription drug therapies.

Take Meds Now includes a powerful analytics engine that can measure patient adherence in a number of ways. Hospitals and clinics can segment patients based on doctor or department, measure patient adherence by individual patients, across doctor and/or department, or across all patients… so gaps and trends can be identified. The in-depth analytics offer unparalleled insight into patient adherence trends, so hospitals and clinics can avoid undeserved fines, explore mitigation strategies, and ultimately improve patient adherence.

  • Prove what patients return to the ER due to non-compliance
  • Avoid costly fines
  • Improve patient adherence

Below are several of the features and benefits of using Take Meds Now:

Feature Benefit
Patient adherence as a service Providing Take Meds Now to patients as a value add service can help improve patient adherence and the efficacy of short and long-term therapies
Patient adherence metrics by individual patient Hospitals and clinics can demonstrate actual adherence and identify if treatment failures are caused by ineffective/incorrect treatment or patient failure to adhere to prescribed therapies
Patient adherence metrics by individual doctor or department Individual doctors, PAs, departments, etc. can be segmented and measured independently to identify trends and explore mitigation strategies
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